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If you are an anime fan you must have this one as one your favorites “In another World with my Smartphone Season 2” became famous in no time and people are already waiting for the release of its 2nd part.

There is no doubt that anime world is huge and once you become a part of it you wouldn’t want to come out of it. You would also agree to the point that sometimes the world of amines is a little bit confusing. Many people enter in to the world of anime at a really young age and some in later age but everyone who once starts loving it cannot undo it.

There are high chances that you will become a fan. Same is the case when you watch “In another World with My Smartphone”, the author Patora Fuyuhara is responsible of writing such as masterpiece in Japanese whereas the illustration is done by Eiji Usatsuka.

If you want to know more we can inform you about the publication which was dealt via user-generated novel publishing website known as Shōsetsuka Ni Narō until the time Hobby Japan took control of it for publishing the print edition of the same.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the English version of this series then you should know that J-Club published its English novel. They released each of the novel in six weekly parts since February 2017.

Production Reed is responsible to undertake the television adaptation of the said anime, and then it was aired from the time of July 2017 till September 2017.

Crunchryroll gave the license for airing it. As soon as the release of this Anime took place, it was extensively loved by fans and critics at the same level. Being appreciated by the critics is a sign of its success.

Hence, it is expected that the fans are waiting for the second season as soon as it’s out they are going to love it as well. Here is all you need to find and know about In another World with My Smartphone season 2.

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Is there a chance of happening of ‘In another World with My Smartphone season 2?

In another World with My Smartphone season 2 ft1
In another World with My Smartphone season 2

As we have explained it to you already that it is a Japanese Anime, and is produced under the Reed production. Although there is nothing official about its release, as in no announcement is made to excite the fans or give them a hope. To everyone’s concern, Production

Reed has shown a lot of pointers and indications that there is an intention of keeping the story continued. Due to which we can at least hope that the show is going to come back with a bang.

For the fans who are waiting for the English version of the series, or they are in the need to watch the series with the English subtitles you can head over Anime Watch to see it all you want. We would suggest you to watch it with subtitles.

Plot of the series ‘In another World with My Smartphone’?

In another World with My Smartphone season 2 ft2
In another World with My Smartphone season 2

As far as the plot is concerned, we would like to give you a glimpse of a 15 years old boy who is named as Touya, the same boy is killed due to a bolt but it was an accident, it was a bolt of natural thunder or lightening created by the God.

As soon as the boy dies, the series starts with its plot that is the God himself starts to feel guilty about it and he grants the boy another life in another Earth.

While being over there he is given a chance that he will be able to carry one of his belongings along with him. To its response Touya choses to carry his smartphone with him as his belonging.

Even he couldn’t place any calls and stuff, he was able to access the internet and another support that was given to him was that his battery would charge automatically. The God not only gave him his life back, but also granted him with all seven magical capabilities.

Trailer for the Show?

If you are a fan you might be waiting for the trailer, then we should tell you that for the first season it is available but there is none for the second season. Not even an announcement, the show is not been renewed but there are hints that it will be continued. But, we must tell you that you have to keep an eye, as soon as there is an official announcement we will get to see all the things we are waiting for about it.

How many chances are there of a second season?

As far as the chances are concerned of In another World with My Smartphone season 2 are really high that it is happening soon. As it is a really famous season among the anime lovers and also in those who really want to see something very amazing real time.

If you at rethinking about the fact that the pandemic might have left a negative impact on the release of the second season, then we would say that even we are not certain about it that how the Covid-19 situation might have affected it. We can presume that the delay can be due to the pandemic because it takes all the humanly efforts to create such a masterpiece.

What are the updates about the production of the series?

As most of the things are yet to be updated, there is hardly any information available regarding the second season due to which we are not even certain about the second series Production of

In Another World with My Smartphone season 2.

In another World with My Smartphone season 2 ft3
In another World with My Smartphone season 2

As far as the first season is concerned it went on air back in the year 2017 in July and went off air in September of the same year. Back then Reed production handled all the matters of production of the series on the television.

There is no official announcement of the second season’s production what so ever by the same production house. The part that can give you hope about the 2nd season is that there are various amines that have been continued or renewed after a long period.

If we presume the same in the case of In another World with My Smartphone then it is too early to say that no second season is under production. The fans might have to wait for a longer period of time to get to watch the second season which has to be worth it.

Apart from this, the source material that is an inspiration behind the whole Anime is not as a whole exhausted. So, at this point we can safely presume that there are bright chances of a second season coming really soon to entertain its fans.

What about the Spoilers that are available for In another World with My Smartphone Season 2?

All of the die-hard fans of the series are praying and keeping their fingers crossed to see another season real soon. They are expecting from the production that it would soon announce that the project is under making and is official that second season is coming our way.

In case the series does continue, then we can at least expect that the show will be made in coordination with either the Volume seven or the sixth volume of the Light novel Series.

We don’t think so that we have a doubt about the fact that audience is going to be really excited about Touya and his harem in fight with the Grade with the help of their giant mechas. But as of now, we all need to be patient and wait until there is an official statement from the makers.

Who Are the Primary Characters of the Series?

If you have watched the first season of the series completely and with all of your attention, then you will not be asking this question. But, for those who don’t know we are going to explain the main leads and primary characters of In Another World with My Smartphone season 2, we are going to explain each primary character to you that you can know all about the series, more information about the characters is given below here.

Touya Mochizuki-

As we have mentioned about Touya before that he is primary and main lead character of the series. As the whole story starts and revolves around him as is the primary protagonist of the series who belong originally from the earth. He is a teenager who is just 15 years old and God kills him accidentally with a bolt of lightning.

As soon as he dies the Gods feel guilty and wants to undo it. The God wanted to apologize, due to which he gives him another life by reviving him in another Earth. This was not it; the God also grants him the power to take one of his belongings with him.

Something that he owned as his belongings while he was alive on the earth. He chooses to take his smartphone. It was detained that he was not allowed to make any calls but there was an unlimited internet access and recharge of the battery. The battery would recharge magically whenever required.

Not only that but God grants him all seven magical powers Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, Null and Wind. These are the seven attributes that were granted to him of the magical energy.

If you have watched the first season you would notice in the entire series that he is mistaken that he is from Eashen, if you don’t know already it is a country that somewhat resembles to the feudal Japan.

Elze Silhoueska-

She is the elder sister of the pair, defined as a girl who has long hair and her chest are smaller than her sister. Her and Touya’s meeting takes place in his initial journey where he rescues them from routes.

Elze is blessed with pair of enchanted gauntlets that she fights with and she can only make use of the non-attribute magic ‘Boost,’ which is tend to increase her physical abilities. During travelling she is said to develop feelings for Touya but she never shows it for the sake of her sister.

Linze Silhoueska-

It is said to be one of the smartest and intelligent characters of the series especially between the Silhoueska twins, in the first season she is shown to be just like magic specialist.

Linze is defined as to be one of them, arguably considered as the gentlest girl in the entire group. But, if we take the perspective of Touya then according to him, she is his companion who is scary. Later during the series, you will notice that she ends up developing feelings for Touya but refuses to consider them.

Yae Kokonoe – Yae Konoe’s born took place in the far east of Eashen in to a Samurai family. In the plot of the series She leaves home to hone her existing skills, and then she is seen crossing paths with Touya while they travel, aiding to fend off a group that is trying to attack her, this group is of ruffians.

Soon after that, she comes forward to join the Touya journey but gradually she comes back to Eashen to protect her hometown and her family from the provincial war that is going on within the county.

Apart from the four lead and primary characters that are mentioned above there are several secondary characters that consist of Sushie Urnea Ortlinde, Yumina Urnea Belfast, Leen, Lucia Leah Regulus, Hildegard Minas Lestia, and Sakura.

In another World with My Smartphone season 2 ft5
In another World with My Smartphone season 2

End note:

We are still hoping that the next season comes soon and it will be worth it for sure. While you are waiting we can suggest you to watch the first one again because if you are an actual fan you cannot get bored of it ever again So, this was all about in another World with My Smartphone season 2, if you have any questions you can ask in the comments section below. If you want to add some details that you know, you can also share them with the people who want to be getting any kind if information on in another World with My Smartphone season 2.

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