Radio Film School Oscar Special


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Today’s bonus episode of Radio Film School takes a unique approach in discussing the issue of racial representation (or the lack thereof) in the Oscars. Over 90 minutes of invigorating conversation.

One of the most divisive controversies in the Oscar race this season has been the fact that for the second consecutive year, no people of color were nominated in any of the acting categories. This topic has been thoroughly discussed in all sorts of blogs and podcasts; so in my constant quest to stand out from the pack, I deliberately chose NOT to make a regular Radio Film School episode about the topic.

But as an African American filmmaker, I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t contribute to the conversation in some way. But I want to do it in a way that hasn’t been quite done before.

Today’s bonus includes TWO conversations sharing FOUR perspectives on the topic, all falling on varying degrees of the spectrum.

First is an excerpt from my interview on the NSavides Podcast, hosted by Nick Savides. Nick and I got into a discussion about the topic and he was gracious enough to let me post that Oscar portion of our discussion on my show. I strongly encourage you to listen to my full interview with Nick on his podcast. We cover a wide range of topics about passion projects, networking, finding clients, processing feedback, and so much more.

Radio Film School Oscar Special

Second, show regulars JD & Yolanda Cochran (indie filmmaker and former Alcon Entertainment executive, respectively) join me in a provocative debate/discussion about racial representation, how Oscar voting works, boycotts, and possible solutions.

Over 90 minutes of engaging and invigorating conversation that will give you pause to think…no matter which side of the controversy you stand.



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