Actors, Agents & Managers, Oh My! [RFS-SE11]


Today we get an inside look at the workings of the movie biz and filmmaking as it relates to working with actors and representation.

HBO’s hit show “Entourage” told the wacky and comedic adventures of movie star Vincent Chase and his entourage of friends. A lot of the show dealt with his love/hate relationship with his agent Ari Gold (made hilariously iconic by Jeremy Piven), and his complicated friendship with his manager and childhood best friends Eric “E” Murphy. Ever wonder what the relationship between an actor and his/her agent is like in real life? Do you have a “famous” or well-connected friend in “the biz” that you want to send a script to and want to know what’s the etiquette? Well, then today’s episode of “Short Ends” is a must for you.

JD & Yolanda are back to talk about the goings-on of navigating a real-life “Entourage” and share one of the most important lessons they learned when shooting their independent feature films. And you know that when JD & Yo are on the show, you’re gonna laugh while you learn.

Actors, Agents & Managers

“The Clique”

JD and Yolanda’s real-life “Entourage” is a group of very close friends who all graduated from USC’s film and theater program. JD, Yolanda and Prentice are marked by arrows. A few other friends you may recognize:

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