Ron Dawson


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Below is the introduction about him

Moved to L.A. when 5 y/o.

Raised by a single mom during my formative years, before she remarried when I was 11.

Undergrad biz degree from Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

Enrolled in De Anza College Film & TV program in 1992.

Married love of my life 2002. That same summer I quit my 6-figure job at Intuit, started my company, and became a stepdad. (Not the recommended course of action to start a business or a marriage, although it worked out alright for me. :) )

Passionate about making films (and podcasts) that inspire. As such, I created SoundandSEA.TV to highlight the people and places of Seattle, WA; and is a unique and narrative documentary look at the experiences of biracial people in this proverbial melting pot.

One of my favorite films looks at the creative process through the eyes of four different artists.

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