Freebies and Bonuses – “A Tale of Two Ryans”

We have a couple of new bonus episodes for you.


The first is “A Tale of Two Ryans: The Art of Picking a DP” wherein Ryan Connolly of “Film Riot” and Ryan Booth of Serial Box talk about Connolly’s decision to pick Booth as his DP for “U.F. OH Yeah!” Our “Short Ends” episode from a couple of weeks ago included an hilarious anecdote from Connolly about all the mishaps encountered making that film.

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This week we also have a special members only bonus: the entire excerpt from my interview with Ryan Connolly on the making of “U.F. Oh Yeah!” Specifically there is more detail on the mishaps and what he learned from that shoot. He also gets into his overall pre-production process, how he worked with his other films this year, and the three types of films they make at his company Triune Films.

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