RFS003 – “S.O.S. Atlantis”

© Michael Coté on Flickr. CC BY-SA.
© Michael Coté on Flickr. CC BY-SA.

Today I tell the story of how 4 unlikely partners, 3 hip-hop artists, 2 epic failures and 1 ulcer lead to me becoming a filmmaker.

What as the last funny anecdote you heard, or perhaps told. I bet you a million dollars it was tied to yours of someone else’s pain, suffering and/or unfortunate mishap. Naturally, you couldn’t laugh about it then. But today it’s fair game. Why is there such an uncanny relationship between tragedy and time? Pain and posterity? Today we’re going to look at that dynamic and use as a case study my short-lived experience as a wannabe hip-hop mogul. Hilarity will ensue.

In the second segment of the show I introduce a new segment called “Shooting Sunshine.” It’s a mini Radio Film School series about the making of a short documentary film series called Mixed in America: Stories of Race Relations & Identity in the Proverbial Melting Pot. This is a personal project I started way back in 2011.

Finally, after the credits we have another funny bonus segment.

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Music in this Episode

Music used in order of appearance:

“Marty Gots a Plan” and “Run Amok” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetch.com). CC-BY.

“Sly and the Family Jones” by Mike Spitz and Phys Edison. CC BY.

“Warm Up Suit” by Broke for Free. CC BY-SA.

“My Girl” by the Temptations. Song courtesy of Song Freedom. All rights reserved.

“Bonfire Music” by David Mumford. CC BY.

The official show theme music is “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar. CC BY-SA.

“I Know (Prod. MVSIC)” by Hi Rez. CC BY.

“In the Night – Game of Thrones Remix (J. Glaze Remix)” by Kellee Maize & J. Glaze Prods. CC BY.

“Hall of the Mountain King” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetch.com). CC-BY.


Here’s the trailer for Mixed in America.


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