Will there be No Game No Life Season 2? (2020)


A great fun of Isekai anime, No Game No Life is the most awaited one in its audience as everyone is curious about the coming of No Game No Life season 2. Different questions are being raised like will there be a new season? Because they haven’t released any sequel so far and the audience is in a bit of restless.

There is much more expected to come in season 2 (if they decide to make it) because without the second season we are going to miss Sora and Shiro battle and it would remain a clue that who succeeds to challenge and then beat the God of games Teto.

But there is a way out. If you are more than just curious; I mean if you are just crazy about this season, then you can go for the light novels. But it is not a preferable option for majority of the people. Because most of people are used to watching anime and when you try to leave watching and go for reading, it becomes difficult to handle.

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No Game No Life season 2


There is no official announcement of the second season release of No Game No Life yet. There are no indications but audience is predicting it to be released soon.

How to Know if the new season of No Game No Life would come or not?

Every field has experts and every production that happens have a lot of expenses as well as expectations. As for No Game No Life or any other season, there are certain determining factors that determine whether the production will go for another season or not! Here, there are three important factors to be considered. They are:

  1. Source Material
  2. Popularity
  3. Sales

I know you are here because you want to know about the release date and by now you have already known that there is no release date yet. But I can’t consider you as a true fan of No Game No Life, if you don’t have this curiosity of calculating it yourself that how or if the new season would come or not. As I have detailed above, the three factors. Now I will dig into each of these factors to completely understand and present to you, the chances of new season’s arrival. So let’s get started:

FIRST FACTOR: Source Material Assessment for No Game No Life Season 2

When we look into detail, we come to this conclusion that majority of the series adapt an already present property like manga, light novels or games to bring a jump into their sales. If we talk about No Game No Life the source material is a light novel.  As it is a published thing so now we need to have an idea of the volumes available. If the story is still continuing in 2020 then there are bright chances that there can be a new season. But in case the story has already been concluded then the chances become lesser for the new release. As what happened with Air Gear Season 2.

After getting an idea of all this, we need to put our attention towards the number of books that have been used to adapt the anime. If more books have the adaptions that means the source material is quite enough and chances of new season are high.

How many volumes of No Game No Life are there?

As the anime culture belongs to Japan, mostly. No Game No Life has got about ten volumes released as light novels in Japan. Apart from that, No Game No Life also has two manga series that are also based on the same light novel series.

The first of the manga series had their two publications as books but it was nothing more than just the re-telling of original story in the manga version. The second manga was the curated one.

Whether No Game No Life is still going on or not?

The novels of No Game No Life are still continuing. Yuu Kamiya authored the latest volume of this which was released on 25 January 2018 in Japan.

The same author wrote another book two years before this one i.e. in 2016. Another volume can be expected in 2020.

Anime of No Game No Life covered which and how many novels?

 In 2014, the first season of No Game No Life got aired and it was based on the volume 1-3 of the light novels. Later there appeared a movie of by the name: No Game No Life ZERO which adapted a complete book 6 of the light novel.


As per the analysis and production quantity, still there are about six books of No Game No Life that are not yet adapted into any anime. I think it’s enough amount of source material for making another season, because the first season only sourced 3 books.

SECOND FACTOR: Sales & Profit Assessment for No Game No Life Season 2

The series that we just see on our screens are so easy to watch. But they require tons of effort to make them. It requires a huge budget along with some really high team to work on. As we know that the No Game No Life was released for both TV and as a movie (by the name: No Game No Life ZERO). Seems like they have already pitched their series everywhere and now the conclusionary results from those productions can be a good factor of prediction about the coming of new season.

The profit in the previous series is directly proportional to the probability of new series production. A critical overview of sales is all you need to get that whether the production has earned some amount or not. And we must know that where these anime offer us entertainment they are also business for some. For those who do business, profit matters to them and if profit was earned from previous season, the new season can be hoped.

Cost of One cour Anime Series: For an anime series like No Game No Life, it can cost on an average, up to 3, 000, 00 dollars.

So when 300k is the average expenditure. Let’s now look at the sales. The sales were done is different segments so we will be looking into the sales of every section here. Starting with:

Blue-Ray Sales of No Game No Life season 1:

While talking about the Blue-ray of No Game No Season, the season was released on more than six desks in Japan. An average of 9000 copies per desk sale was recorded. The series had a BD-Box on 24 February 2016 and got more than 1000 copies sold.

Based upon the records, all those series who got sales up to 1000 copies, got their sequels. But there are some others like Accel World, which got one of the highest Sales but still didn’t continue. So as per this pattern, it can be expected that the No Game No Life will also appear in another sequel, because they also got some high number of sales.

Light Novel Sales of No Game No Life:

Though the light novels are not a major source of earning for No Game No life, but still they fall in one of the top best 5 sellers as per the volume of sales. The top ones also include Overlord in the list.

On 25 August 2016, the volume 9 of No Game No Life got released. The sales of this volume were about 160,000 copies. Then in 2018, the volume 10 of the same novel was released which brought about 170,000 sales copies. This shows that the sales of light novels, though not a big source of earning, but are high in number, comparatively. This doesn’t forecast the earnings but gives an idea about the fame and popularity of the story.

Merchandise of No Game No Life:

We also know that with each release of an anime series, there comes a complete package of merchandize. The whole of series has more than forty-five figures in it. The most important and famous ones out of them are: Schwi, Izuna, Stephanie, Jibril, and Shrio. The merchandize of No Game No Life is also very big and constitutes about more than 500 goods in it. These include the shirts, towels, tapestry, bed sheets, mugs are much more.

As far as the merchandize, here the sales are working very well. Instead there came a strange behavior of audience here. Usually audience don’t gets attached to the movie but there the story is different. Audience seems more attracted towards the merchandize and figures of movie.

It is a moment of surprise that the series is still making a big number of figures even in 2020, when more than two years have been passed since the last release. The movie is even better than that. It was released three-year back. Keeping in view, the high number of sales, they have introduced six more figures to the collection.

Box Office Collection of No Game No Life:

The movie was a big hit and made earnings of about 6.5M dollars. There were more than 40,000 copies sold.  It happened with Konosuba season 2 when they earned a big amount of 1,500,000 dollars; they went for season 3. Same can be predicted with No Game No Life season 2.


After careful analysis, it has been observed that the franchise made quite a handsome amount of earnings. The profitability was quite high and one can predict that if new seasons would come, there are sure chances that they will earn a lot. So, when I, being an audience thinks this way, why won’t they think and go for releasing the new season.

THIRD FACTOR: Popularity & Fame Assessment for No Game No Life Season 2

As per the records of sales and merchandize sale, one can easily assess the huge fan base of No Game No Life. In the market, where customers are already waiting to buy, I don’t think there is any reason to not sell. Let’s break this up and get into details of how much the No Game No Life season was popular among the people.

It’s very lucky of the franchise if they get the dedicated and emotional fan-base who are connected with the story. Same is the case with No Game No Life. The fan-base has made it alive even as six years are passed before its first release.

Social Media Popularity of No Game No Life

The official twitter account of No Game No Life Franchise has more than 121k followers. The followers go on increasing even though the last activity was shown in March 2020, on the official account.

Google Trends of No Game No Life

The series was at peak in 2014, but with the passage of time the trend is falling continuously. Though there was a growth in trend because of the movie release but not that much.

Currently the searches of No Game No Life are left on 10% of what they were in 2014. 


As we see that the twitter account of the franchise is having quite a good number of followers, even though they don’t have any considerable activity on it. Similarly the google trends also shows that the interest is not completely dead. Even after six years, people are showing interest. Though it is lesser but it indicates that there is a potential of growth.

So finally we can say that the series has still a value and can grow considerably high. Which makes again a very good reason for the franchise to release the season 2 of No Game No Life. 


Overall, after giving a brief of three major assessment sections. We come to this conclusion that there are pretty high chances of a new season i.e. Season 2 release of the No Game No Life.

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