Will There Be Classroom of The Elite Season 2? (2020)


Classroom of The Elite is a popular television anime. It was directed by Seiji Kishi, written by Aoi Akashiro. The characters and the story of the anime is excellent and there should be a sequel! So, the question is, Will there ever be any announcement for Classroom of the Elite Season 2?

Without the next season we will unable to know about reality of Ayanokouji, and many other things will remain unclear.

Some people will start reading related novels to know about the anime but majority of people will wait to see a sequel. People mostly prefer watching sequel on reading novels.

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Classroom of The Elite Season 2
Classroom of The Elite Season 2

What can we say about Classroom of The Elite season 2?

I have discovered the cause that why some anime series got their sequels announced and why some of them never remain continue? I discovered it by going through the source material, sales and profit, popularity etc.

I practiced the same thing for the anime Classroom of The Elite in this article. So, if you want to know that whether this anime will continue or not, then keep reading this article.

So, I have divided the article into three segments/parts. The detail of these parts is given below in the form of paragraphs. I hope after reading this, your confusions about the season 2 will be solved somehow!

Part 1: Source material information for Classroom of The Elite Season 2

The source material for the anime series can be anything like light novels, manga or games, etc. Light novels are the most common form of source material available for this anime. The name of the publisher for these light novels of this anime ‘Classroom of The Elite’ is Mf Bunko J.

The source material for the Classroom of The Elite is the light novel.

 In this segment, we have to examine that if the story is moving on, then how many volumes of light novels are there. In case, if story is coming to an end, it reduces the chances of continuation of the anime. If the story is ending and there are no more volumes of light novels left, then the chances of sequel will be minimum. If there are several volumes available and the story is moving forward, then the chances for the continuation of the anime increases.

How many volumes of Classroom of The Elite are there?

Total 11 light novel volumes are available for this anime. These volumes were released in Japan for the first grade of the story and 2 for the second grade. There are also three other short volume of this series.

Is the Classroom of the Elite still ongoing?

Yes, the Classroom of The Elite is still continuing. The latest volume of this anime was released by the author Shogo Kinugasa on June 25, 2020. It has been said that a new volume will be release in October 2020.

Two to three new volumes and one short story per year is the average release rate for Classroom of The Elite.

The first season of this anime was released in 2017 and it covered 1-3 volumes. It means that the light novel volume 4 will continue where the anime was ended.

Conclusion for Source Material Information of Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

So, it is concluded that Teen books of The Classroom of The Elite is not included into the anime this year (2020). The first season contains only three volumes.

 Part 2: Sales and Profit Information about Classroom of the Elite Season 2

The main reason behind not continuing the anime is low sales and profit. Most of the anime series never gets a sequel due to loss in sales and low profit. For example, the famous franchise named Tokyo Ravens can never get its season 2 because of low sales and profit.

A television series like The Classroom of The Elite can have a worth of 3,000,000 dollars to produce.

Let’s know that how useful this series is proved regarding profit for the production house. If the series is unable to make good amount of money, then chances for its season 2 are very less. For instance, the sequels like Goblin Slayer Season 2 or Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 are the sequels that are not recreated because of issue of having low profit.

Blu-Ray sales of Classroom of The Elite

The average Blu-ray sales of The Classroom of The Elite is about 1300 copies sold per volume. It is such a small number for the anime to create a sequel. If there is the demand of the sequel of an anime, then its average sale should be maximum. Otherwise, the chances of creating sequel will be minimum.

For example, a popular anime from the year 2017, named Youjo Senki sold about 700 copies on average and it was such an excellent sale. And therefore, the Season 2 of Youjo Senki will arrive for sure. But here, the Blu-ray sales of The Classroom of The Elite are not good enough which is not a good sign according to sequel prospects.

Sales of the Light Novels of Classroom of the Elite

On June 25, 2020, Volume 1 of Classroom of The Elite 2nd year was released. Almost 110,000 copies were sold of volume 1. The Volume 2 of the 2nd year was also released in June 2020, and get about 95,000 copies sold. The sales of light novels are too good which increase the chances of Season 2.

The publisher of the light novels, Mf Bunko J, will be surely satisfied with such excellent sales of The Classroom of The Elite. Thus, this series is the best-selling light novel series of Mf Bunko J.

Classroom of the Elite Merchandise

There are just four figures for Classroom of the Elite, and they all are made by Kadokawa. And also 100 goods available for this franchise.

Sadly, there are only four figures available for this series, just because Kadokawa made them. It shows that no other company made any figures for this series because they think that it would not carry good sales.

Besides this, one hundred goods made is also not better. The acceptable number of goods for a famous anime series in at least 200.

So, these are the main methods of making profit by an anime adaption.

 Here are some examples of Classroom of The Elite:

Ending/opening songs, Streaming on Crunchyroll, OST, Web radio, License for Funimation and many more.

Conclusion for sales and profit of Classroom of The Elite Season 2

So, it is concluded that the sales of light novels are really good for this anime. But sadly, Blu-ray sales and merch sales are not good. It is estimated that the anime may not be able to gain such a great profit.

Part 3: Popularity Information of Classroom of the Elite Season 2

Let’s have a look that how famous and well known the Classroom of The Elite anime was when it was released in 2017. And what is the demand and fame of the anime today (3 years later).

Sometimes, with the passage of time, fans and production houses totally forget the series and this is how, the demand of the anime decreases. I hope that this will not happen here with Classroom of The Elite.

Now we will search different official websites, social media platforms, and different trends to check the popularity of this franchise. Because, we know that if a series or anime is famous and popular then it is considered to be more demanding and also carry good fame and fan-following. If this anime is still being searched by the people, then we can say that there is demand of creating a sequel for this anime otherwise, the anime get de-rated.

Social media

Social media is a well-known plat-form. It holds several trends, tweets and latest information about all type of things. The official website for this anime was last updated in 2019 and there was also the news about Rebroadcast of the anime. The last tweet for this franchise on its official Twitter account was in August 2020.

Light Novels

The latest volume is released in June 2020. The release speed of the books is too good and fast. Another level will release soon in October 2020. Classroom of The Elite has 3.800.000 copies in print as of now (2020). Hence, light novels sales are proved beneficial from sequel prospects.


In terms of merchandise and figures, there is no any latest update about this franchise. It is not better with merchandise point of view because there is nothing new after 2018. Only four figures are created by Kadokawa. It is clear that other companies are not making figures for this anime that’s why it is losing its fame with the passing years.

New merchandise is considered to be a good sign for popularity of a series or anime. But in case of Classroom of The Elite, there is no improvement seen as of now.

Google trends

Google trends also play an important role in increasing popularity of a show. More trends carry more fame. This anime got fame at its peak in September 2017, and after that it just keeps drowning. It was considered very famous series of 2017 but now its popularity is reduced so far. So, it is clear that by passing years the fame of anime has also passed away to some extent.

Conclusion for Popularity Information of Classroom of the Elite Season 2

This franchise is famous just because of good sales of its light novels. Many copies of light novels were sold as they were released. For some reasons, the popularity of merchandise is very low. Therefore, we can’t say anything clearly about its next season.

What about the Season 2 of the Classroom of the Elite?

The first season of Classroom of The Elite played a good role in boosting the source material. It got fame in 2017, when it was released but today it is not more popular. The bad thing is that it failed to earn popularity due to low number of merchandise and figures for this anime.

So, there is low possibility of the arrival of Second Season of The Classroom of The Elite.

But still I think that there are some chances of the arrival of second season. Maybe, production committee decide later to continue this series. This series could take the place of Oregairu so far. So, there is still hope left for the creation of second season of Classroom of The Elite.

According to an estimate, it is possible that in the upcoming 2-3 years we may listen about the news to continue this franchise in anime pattern. I hope this article will prove helpful in understanding about the chances of announcing about Classroom of The Elite Season 2 in 2020.


After going through the given article, you will be able to understand the main points and details about creation of sequel of the anime and many more. This article will be updated if any updates about the Season 2 of Classroom of The Elite are found. If any news update about the season 2 will reveal, you will get updated about it. So, fans of the anime may have to wait for long to watch another amazing season of the anime Classroom of The Elite, but we are not very sure that it will happen or not. The reason is that, from past 3-4 years, there is not any update or hint about the upcoming season of this anime.

 Moreover, light novels play a great role in increasing chances for the second season of the anime, but the merchandise and lack of figures for the anime can cause some trouble. But there is still some possibility of updates about new season.

Hopefully, you will like this article!

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