Will there be a Yona of The Dawn season 2 release


Based on the stunning theme of vengeance and betrayal, Yona of The Dawn season 2 is an exceptional shoujo anime. Though it is exceptional, why is that there is no sequel?

I know how much you are waiting for and that is why today I will be keeping everything in front of you.

You are waiting for the season 2 because there is a lot to be seen. Like there is this big curiosity that either Su-won will be defeated or not? Or if Yona would succeed to take the Hiryu Castle and throne back or not. Similarly there are some other curiosities as well that need a new season but still audience is waiting for it.

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Have been any announcements about the Yona of The Dawn season 2 release?

Well, unfortunately as per the official records there has been no announcement regarding release of release date of the new season i.e. Season 2 of Akatsuki No Yona. But don’t worry, I am here to solve this curiosity of yours right now. I will logically and statistically predict the Yona of The Dawn season 2 release for you, here.

How to conclude the Yona of The Dawn season 2 release?

There are no official announcement about the release of season 2 of Akatsuki No Yona. But still there are several ways to determine and forecast the release. Here in this writing, I will be opening all those factors in front of you, on the basis of which the release is to be predicted. These factors are majorly divided into following sections as:

  1. Source Material
  2. Profitability
  3. Popularity

These three are the basic components that can give a clear prediction about the release of any series. We will be getting into detail of all the aspects of these components and will conclude the possibility of Yona of The Dawn season 2 release.

Now let’s go in detail of each of these segment and asses them. At the end of each assessment there is a segmented-conclusion that gives a short idea of how the season has performed and how it impacts the possibility of new season’s release.

Section One: Source Material Assessment for Yona of The Dawn season 2:

Section One: Source Material Assessment for Yona of The Dawn season 2

As we know that the anime series are not themselves a new thing. They are just an adaption of already existing properties. Most of the anime series come from light novels. Similarly, some of them come from manga, games and even visual novels.

That is why the source is quite varied and dispersed. Here we will be looking into detail about all the sources from which the Akatsuki No Yona have been adapted. Based upon the assessment of that source, we will conclude some important conclusions regarding the Yona of The Dawn season 2 release.

The source Material of Akatsuki No Yona is a manga.

The source is a manga. It is important to check that either the manga is still running or not? Another thing to notice about is the author and the number of releases. Story also matters, if it is concluded or not?

Then after analyzing all this, we also need to look at the number of volumes (in this case of magna) that have been adapted in the first season. Let’s get into details of all this with the help of some questions.

How many volumes of Akatsuki No Yona are there?

Manga of Akatsuki No Yona has currently 32 volumes by the name Dawn. These volumes were released in Japan. Apart from that, there is also a novel released on the same story, under the name “Yona of the Dawn: Under the Same Moon”. The novel was released in 2015.

The story is still going on or it has been concluded?

An important factor in determining the continuity and further coming of new seasons rely greatly upon the fact that whether the story has been concluded or not. If the story is not concluded and there remains a lot of curiosities and parts, then it has a great chance that new season will come. As for Akatsuki No Yona,  the story is still going on. The last volume i.e. 32, was written by the author Mizuho Kusanagi and was released on April 20, 2020 in japan. The author is writing at the rate of three volumes per year which means that in the new year of 2021, the volumes will reach  up to 34 in number. Here the frequency of publishing is very impressive.

How many and which volumes have been covered by the anime of Akatsuki No Yona?

The anime of Akatsuki No Yona, when aired, was made up on eight volumes of manga. The volumes 1-8 were adapted in the anime series, but not wholly. There were small exemptions from the actual manga. The ninth volume of manga continued while the anime ends at eight.

Verdict for the Source Material of Yona of The Dawn season 2:

After careful assessment of these important factors that lie in the source analysis for Akatsuki No Yona, I have come to this conclusion that every one of the factor is giving quite high possibility and signals that there would come a new season. Because the story is still on going, the author is very consistent and frequent with three publications per year, and there are a big number of manga volumes still remaining.

So the Source Material Assessment gives the strong signals of New Season’s release of Akatsuki No Yona.

Section Two: Profitability and Sales Assessment for Yona of The Dawn season 2

Section Two - Profitability and Sales Assessment for Yona of The Dawn season 2
Section Two – Profitability and Sales Assessment for Yona of The Dawn season 2

Because anime series are not very highly priced in the market, comparatively. That is why they are losing money or sometimes it takes years for them to generate profits. So the sales and profit plays an important role in the publishing of a new season. Let’s go into detail of some important profitability assessment sections where we can analyze the possibilities better.

Production of a Two Cour Anime Series: As I told, the prices for production are high and the profits are low. A two cour anime series like Akatsuki No Yona costs about 5 Million dollars for its production.

Now we know the average expense on the series. The sale and profit analysis will help us to better understand that how it is important for us. For this we will assessing three different sales:

  1. Blu-Ray Sales
  2. Manga Sales
  3. Merchandize Sales

Blu-Ray Sales of Akatsuki No Yona:

 On an average, 2800 copies per volume is the sales rate of Akatsuki No Yona. We see that the selling price is lesser than 3000 which is considered quite bad. But still, for a shoujo anime, it’s still a handsome number of sale.

Today is the era of streaming and it has completely wiped Blu-Ray out of the market. Famous streaming platforms can stream it to make a handsome amount

Manga Sales of Akatsuki No Yona:

On December 20, 2019, the 31st volume of Akatsuki No Yona was released in Japan. This volume made sales of about 150k copies. Then came the latest volume of manga i.e. Volume 32 in 2020 for which 135k copies were sold.

Throughout the whole history, the manga sales of Akatsuki No Yona has never tipped more than 200k per volume. For manga, these stats are not bad.

Here, we see that manga selling is quite better unlike many others for example the Goblin Slayer Season 2.

Merchandize Assessment of Akatsuki No Yona:

If we talk about the figures, there are no figures of Akatsuki No Yona made. But there is a merchandize and it has about 270 pieces.

Verdict for: Profitability and Sales assessment for Yona of The Dawn season 2.

Based on the previous records, the sales have not been very high. The franchise has been making money for themselves but there weren’t much profits. When the profits are not very high, the chances increase that producers don’t want to invest more money in it which at the end, endangers the continuation of new season’s production.

Third Section: Popularity assessment Yona of The Dawn season 2

Third Section: Popularity assessment Yona of The Dawn season 2
Third Section: Popularity assessment Yona of The Dawn season 2

A fan base is very important to decide whether a new season would work or not. If there is an already existing fan base; there increase the chances of having a new season. But if there is no or very little fan base, there seems no point of investing huge sums into it.

Here we will be looking into the fan base quantity of Akatsuki No Yona and will try to get an idea about it. Let’s get started:

Social Media:

Since 2016, there is no single update of anything on the official website of Akatsuki No Yona.

If we talk about the social media, the official twitter account has only 42k followers with the last tweet made in 2019.

Google Trends:

Akatsuki No Yona had a peak graph in 2015, which later fell down and keeps dropping. The searches drop to such a drastic level that today only 25% of the peak searches are being done. Though it is quite a drop but for a manga series it is considerable.


The worldwide popularity of Akatsuki No Yona was quite high. Because a total of 70 Million printed copies were sold in more than 14 countries. This shows a very strong and diverse fan base of Akatsuki No Yona series all over the world. Usually what we see is that the series have their big contribution of Japanese audience and market but here, more than fourteen countries are contributing to it, which is a good indication.


The Akatsuki No Yona didn’t get much of merchandize. But still there were some merch products. In 2020, some new acrylic figures were added to the collection for the popular characters like Yuno, Hak, Zero, Jaw-Ha etc. As though that was not a very high number of production but it is a good indication in the sense that even today, the series fan base is looking up to the merchandize and want to buy it.

Verdict for Popularity assessment of Yona of The Dawn season 2:

The Season 1 of Akatsuki No Yona was quite a popular series in different countries including Spain. This is odd because usually the anime series have high popularity in Japan. It indicates that the potential fan base is not only in Japan but in different countries and in such case a new season can be the awaited one. But still there are different other factors to keep in mind too, before getting into releasing a new season.


If we take all three of these factors in detail. We see that for Source Material availability, the material available is more than enough for making a new season. The popularity is also quite high and famous all over the world. But still there is no Season 2. The only visible reason to this is that, the season 1 didn’t make enough sales and profits, up to the benchmark, that they may excite the franchise to bring a new season.

The Blu-Ray sales were not enough high. Similarly the merchandize numbers were also not of considerable quantity. In short, the overall earning section was lagging behind all the others and this can be the reason and forecaster of whether the new season would come or not.

So based upon these assessments, to me there are 50% chances that the new season would come. Because putting money into something that didn’t generate a good amount in previous season is quite a risky thing. Meanwhile the popularity and source material are the very good determiners of new upcoming season. Let’s see what’s happen then.

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