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Short Ends: Actors, Agents & Managers, Oh My! Pt. 2

Today I continue my discussion with show regulars JD & Yolanda about the role that agents and managers play in Hollywood. In this installment, we get insight into the contractual obligations of agents and actors, why agents get 10%, and what happens if an actor gets a new agent mid-negotiation of a movie deal. We … Read more

Saturday Song Selection – Film Soundtracks Vol. 2

Saturday Song Selection – Film Soundtracks Vol. 2

Here’s volume 2 of our Creative Commons songs picks that have the cinematic soundtrack feel. This Week’s Picks We pick up where we left off two weeks ago, with music for films. I have put together another mixtape of songs that I think fit perfectly with different types of films. Because let’s face it, even … Read more

Radio Film School Oscar Special

The Official Website of Ron Dawson now is: Today’s bonus episode of Radio Film School takes a unique approach in discussing the issue of racial representation (or the lack thereof) in the Oscars. Over 90 minutes of invigorating conversation. One of the most divisive controversies in the Oscar race this season has been the fact that … Read more