Prison School Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


Will there be a Prison School Season 2 release? That’s the question I get the most from readers lately.

Prison School Season 2

There are so many TV series in the world released by different countries related to their cultures and norms. Some series get popular among the people of the globe equally. In these popular series, one of the best series is “The Prison School”.

In this article, we are going to discuss this series and know that when will its second season release. So, let me share some information about this wonderful series.

“Prison Break” is a manga series in Japanese. This show is always among the most anticipated anime TV series fans are waiting for the last five decades.  The anime is based on Akira Hiramoto’s manga collection of the identical name.  This show is produced by J.C Staff enthusiast, the most anime originally released from July to September 2015.  The animated only includes season 1 containing 12 episodes.

An OVA sequel named Prison School: Mad Max premiered in March 2016.

The show has been serialized from February to December 2017.  It appeared in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine. There has been no news about the year 2 but fans have been hoping that the series is going to be renewed for year 2.  The anime adaption has been directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. 

The Japanese series is consisting of binge watch in the primary season. The viewers of all age classes obtained nicely, and it has 5 years now since the introduction of the initial setup. The characters and the series at synchronization, however, the audiences needed a complaint with the dubbing problems.  The Japanese show is found on Hulu in the Japanese language with English subtitles.

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Story of “The Prison School” first season

The Prison School first season

An intense comedy about a bold group of students who want to capture a few chicks. The series stops at nothing to provide laughs so be careful regarding age suitable watching. If I needed to say anything bad about the series it will be the show that could possibly be hard to see the others or people.

The artwork requires a bit of getting used to, however, becomes a central component of their comedic value as soon as you become accustomed to it.  If I needed to say anything great about this series it could simply be the soundtrack.

A remarkably well written and complex soundtrack adds great significance to a lot of hilarious and strange scenes. Voice acting provides always again and again with smart and absurd lines that make eating while viewing dangerous.

The design is quite simple to follow, maybe not the storyline is complicated. The cartoon has its moments and contains it has epic moments which are not readily forgotten.

Overall it is a primitive and irreverent comedy that should definitely be viewed seriously. Some will appreciate it is smart humor although some are going to realize that it is a lot on the top and exaggerated.  

If you are interested to know about my recommendation about this TV series then I would like to tell you that it is personally within my top 10 animated soundtracks really much worth gathering. 

When will Prison School Season 2 release?

When will Prison School Season 2 release?

A Whole Lot of updates and details have been circulating in the media all around the globe about season 2 of The Prison School.  There’s been nothing officially confirmed about the renewal of 2nd year.

The chance of season 2 seems quite unlikely, up to now, the arcade is to be given a renewal. With the huge popularity of the show along with live-action adaptions, lovers are expecting a second season.

No official launch date has been announced.  However, as season 1 obtained enormous success worldwide, the series manufacturers will have no reason to lose the idea of making another year. 

Lately, Naoyuki Uchida, the writer of mystery and horror novels, did contact Tsutomu Mizushima, the manager of Prison School and SHIROBAKO, on Twitter about the prospect of season 2.

Mizushima’s response has cast some doubts on if Prison School will receive a second season. If that occurs, we could make a smart guess that Prison School season 2 release date is going to be in 2021.

We are yet to obtain an announcement from the manufacturers and the studio who are well-known for their privy character seeing new productions and an extremely tight-lipped release program. 

The cast scheduled?

Prison School season 2 The cast scheduled

We’re assuming that if year two occurs, the five ‘offenders’ will reprise their functions. This implies Kiyoshi voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, Reiji as Kazuyuki Okitsu, etc would return to the faculty.  Moreover, Mari Kurihara as Sayaka Ohara and Takehito as Katsuyuki Konishi other members of the pupil councils will also be expected to join.

The series features multiple collections of the voice cast for year 2 we expect the Japanese toss to remain the same.  Though the live-action series includes actors like Taishi Nakagawa, Takio Emoto, Masato Yano, Daiki Miyagi, along with Galigali Galixon. 

As usual with anime, the collection features multiple collections of voice -cast.

For season 2 we expect the Japanese toss to stay the same.  But, we can’t say the same for the English cast. The English Dub of this show wasn’t received well and when season 2 occurs, we believe a change from the cast will be essential. 

We discussed the first season of “The Prison School” in the above paragraphs. But I think now you are excited about the second season. So if you are excited about the second season then I am sure that you want any kind of information about it.

As I mentioned that there is no specific time announce yet officially, so we are not able to say anything about it. But we have other information about it. Maybe this information will entertain you and make you more curious about the second season.

So without any delay we get to start it:

  • Prison school trailer season 2

As mentioned earlier, the series is yet to be renewed. So fans waiting to get a trailer will need to be let down. We also do not anticipate the trailer to drop anytime soon. But if any new improvements happen.  

  • Prison school English dubbing

Most of Us know that even though the Japanese cast was universally praised for their job, the English dub was heavily criticized for its casting, voice acting, and composing. Regardless, for the lovers of Prison School Season 1,” You can observe Prison School Season 1 having a British Dub on Funimation along with Anime Lab.  

You can also stream it around Hulu and Crunchyroll with Japanese audio and English subtitles.  

  • The plot of “The Prison School” second season

Prison School’s narrative involves the story of young women from a boarding school. Hachimitsu Private Academy is known for being the strictest boarding school in Tokyo. Pupils who refuse to obey rules are delivered to a prison block. As the series moves forward, changes are produced in the academy. 5 boys get entry to the personal academy. These students attempt to flirt with other female students. It’s in all-girls institutions who decided to take in male students and it follows Kiyashi along with five other boys who enroll in the faculty.

On the very first day, they are caught attempting to get in the institution’s bating area. The Boys attempt to get themselves nearer together with women but fail numerous times. This is what makes the show more intriguing and fascinating to see.  

Prison School was one of two winners of the finest General Manga award alongside Gurazeni in the 37th Kodansha Manga Award. More than 13 million copies of the manga have been marketed as of March 2018.

Prison School period 2 doesn’t have any official synopsis for the series enthusiasts. It is going to focus on the problems regarding the boys that are coming into the association with a greater amount of women.  

  • Storyline “The Prison School” second season 

The narrative takes place at Hachimitsu Academy It’s an all-girls institution that decided to take in man students. And it follows Kiyoshi and 5 other boys who enroll in the school. On the very first day, they are caught attempting to get in the institution’s bathing area.

After that, they’re arrested and put into the institution’s prison block per month. Furthermore, that the Underground School Council functions as their overseer and punished them. However, the boys get fed-up together with all the punishment and intend to escape prison.

Conclusion: Prison School Season 2

The Prison School is just great now the title might make you think weird. The characters of this TV series are simply crazy and funny. In the first season, there were many surprising moments you would watch. We hope so in the second season there will be some extraordinary scenes.

They flesh out the characters and make them fun to watch. It was a little short but full of suspense, drama, and crazy moments. 

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