Will There Be Noragami Season 3? (2020)


Noragami, an anime series having supernatural shounen is regarded to be the best of its genre as having a good comic sense. Fans are waiting to have its next season 3, but no sequel is released until now. I understand your level of curiosity and love. That is why I am writing this to give the most precise and clear details about the release date of Noragami Season 3.

The audience is restlessly waiting for the third season because they have high expectations and a lot of questions to be resolved. They are waiting for Noragami Season 3 because they want to know that how Yato strives his best to get the grand shrine. I know most of you have question marks in your minds regarding Hiyori and Yukine, too.

Well if you are seriously crazy about this series, then you got this one way to read what is going to happen. It is obvious that you can unveil all your dramatic curiosities just by reading the manga. But those who are fond of watching, when turned towards reading, they never like it.

Here an important alteration also appears that was made by Studio Bones in this regard. This bring us the hope of Season 3 release.

Noragami Season 3

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The Release Date of Noragami Season 3:

Unfortunately there has not been any official date published by the franchise, regarding the release of season 3. Also there is a heated debate among nerds that whether they are going to even announce it or not?

In this situation, where we are left completely clue less regarding the release date. I am here to bring all the clues to one knot and give a prediction based on different factor statistics. Throughout this writing, you will come to know about the possibilities, if they are? Or not?

What can we say about the possibilities of season 3’s announcement?

To carry out the possibility assessment that whether a new season of a particular anime series would come or not, there are certain determining factors to be kept in mind. Over past few years, I’ve done a lot of such assessments to get the predictions of whether a new season of a series would come or not? Here for this, we will also be looking for the same determining factors and will calculate the prediction or possibility of another season based upon the stats of those factors.

The three most important factors are:

  1. Source Material: How much source material is available in the public or private domain. And how much have already been covered in the series.
  2. Profitability and Sales: How much sales and profit, the previous season/s has made?
  3. Fame and Popularity: How much a particular series become famous and spread among the people?

I have collected the in-depth details of all these factors and not only to this level, have I gone deep down into each level to fetch more and the best out of it. Let’s start with the first factor:

First Section: Source Material Assessment for Noragami Season 3

Everything comes up with some kind of influence. There is always some already present property or a source of inspiration that comes from different origins. We see different anime series being made on games, light novels, visual novels, manga etc.

Same is the case with Noragami Manga series, which is made out of manga. So the source material can be of great help to analyze and predict a lot of different things. In this regard, I’ve examined that how many of mangas have been adapted into the series? Either the story is ended or still getting further? They might be moving towards and end and it’ll suggest that either we will be having the upcoming season 3 of Noragami or not?

Sometimes it also happens that an anime series adapts all the available mangas into that one series. As this happened with No Game No Life Season 2. But here the case is different because all the mangas are not incorporated into the production of anime series.

How many Volumes of Noragami manga are there?

It’s important to know about all the possible volumes of Noragami. As per information from a legal source, a total of 21 volumes for Noragami are released in Japan to date. Almost two stories are those which are spin-off. One about the God Yato and fight of him with the Society called Noragami (Stary God) and the other is Noragami (Stray Stories).They constitute of only one volume and it is not released yet.

Is Noragami Manga still going on? Or is it concluded?

This Noragami Manga is well-known for its audiences and public demand. In such cases, fans are craving to have new and new seasons. This is always unsatisfied demand for new volumes is what making it continued in Japan. Every year there are hundreds of new copies sold of the new volumes. Recently its 21st volume got marketed on 17th October 2019 by Adachitoka.

Which manga volumes does the anime of Noragami cover?

Anime of Noragami first appeared in 2014 when its first season covered first 3 volumes of Manga. Then the second season of Noragami covered fourth to ninth volume. This shows that there is still a big number of volumes that are left completely unattended. If a new series is supposed to be made, it would cover the volumes from 10th and onwards.

Verdict: Assessment of Source Material for Noragami Season 3:

Source material is the most necessary factor for a series to continue. A series’ continuation relies greatly upon the available resources, though in any of the shape. If there is no source material, then there are quite evident chances that there will be no upcoming season. Since we have e plenty of manga volumes left and even they are further being published, time to time. These volumes suggest something new to come and it would be the Noragami Season 3.

Second Factor: Sale and Profitability assessment for Noragami Season 3

You might get shocked after knowing the huge amount of expenses that each of these series cost the producers for making it. It is we who very easily just sit and watch but it’s not something easy or cheap project to be done. On an average, about 3 Million Dollars is the amount that a normal anime series would expend. As the production cost is high, the profits are also higher with this regard.

If we know the expenses made by the season 2 of Noragami and how much profit they earned, we can easily predict the chances of new season i.e. season 3 of Noragami to come. When a series is earning a handsome amount as profits from the previous series, there are chances that they want to do more business. While analyzing other series, it has come forward that if even the earning were dropped by 25% from the previous season, still some of the producers go for producing the new season. We have this example of Konosuba.

Blu-Ray Scales of Noragami Season 2:

Blu-ray sales is a big portion of the overall sales of any anime series. If we consider the Blu-Rays sales that were about 5000 for the first season i.e. Noragami Season 1. Then comes the Noragami Season 2, which got only 2000 sales .400 copies were sold on the BD-Box.

As per percentage, there exist a 60 percent drop in sales between one seasons to another. Based on this, we can say that the sales decreased in the second season and investors and producers may find it difficult to decide whether to release the third season or not. But there are several other factors that can influence the decision and turn it down to 180-degrees shift.

Manga Sales of Noragami:

Noragami is considered to be the best selling Manga volume. When I thoroughly got into its sales, I noticed a very gradual fall in the sales ratio. Among all, the 20th volume was the one that had best of all the sales. More than 140k copies were sold. However, the next volume i.e. Volume 21 was not that much big hit and sold only 120k copies.

If we go back to the initial volumes like Volume 12 and backwards, we find that sales were even higher in the beginning. For instance, the 300k copies of Noragami volume 12 manga were sold. It is observed that with the release of each new series, the sales are decreasing gradually. The same happened with another series called Accel World.

Critical overview also revealed that its sales used to be very high like in volume 12 it sold 300000 copies. The sale of each succeeding volume gradually became lesser and lesser, as happened with Accel World Season2.

Merchandise of Noragami:

Third important segment for sales is the Noragami Merchandize. The Merch of this anime series includes different goods as well as characters. There are total of four figures available and all of them are of different characters from the series. Those characters are bishamon, Iki, Fiyori, Kofukuy and Yato. It a bit amazing and shocking both that they only made only four figures.

If we talk about the merchandize, there are more than 450 goods. But there is one variation. The 80% of the merchandize is from Season 1 of Noragami while Noragami Season 2 has only 20% of all the merchandize.

VERDICT: Profitability and Sales Assessment of Noragami Season 3:

As per the analysis and digging of the sales and profits across different channels. We see that the profits are not that much as were supposed to be earned. We see that there is a gradual but constant decrease in the no of sales in every year. Secondly the merchandize quantity also fell from 80% to 20% with second season. In these situations, there are no green signals for any producer to go for making season 3. But who knows what comes to someone’s mind and they turn the things upside down.

SECTION THREE: Fame and Popularity Assessment

Fame and Popularity is another important benchmark to categorize and understand a series success and also to forecast that whether a new season would come or not. If the existing seasons are somehow popular, the producers don’t hesitate go for another season. Let’s see how much the Noragami Seasons were famous and popular among audience.

Social Media:

The official twitter account of Noragami franchise has about 100k+ followers. The last tweet that appeared from this account was in December 2019.

Google Trends

As though all the indicators are negative for second season, but google trends tells us something else. According to it, the second season got more famous and it was searched more than the first one. The popularity grew more than 15% for the second season.

Verdict for the assessment of Popularity and Fame

After the conclusion, though the fame is higher in google trends, but we see that in actual sense the popularity is not in the way as it was supposed to be. That is why, there is a delay in the release of new season, too.

Final Conclusion:

After the careful analysis of all the factors, we have come to this conclusion that Noragami’s performance in any of the sector is not exemplary. Also, the sales are not much high. This can be a reason that why there is no release or the announcement of the release date for Noragami Season 3.

As far the details are touched, it is even difficult to see the release date announcement in near future. But strange things can happen all of the sudden, too. So, let’s wait and watch.

If you have any more details that you want to share with other people, you can do it in the comments section below, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask them too, we will be more than happy to assist you with whatever you want to know.

Happy watching!

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